Don Carlos Eye of The Bull

Don Carlos Eye of The Bull 

Brand: Arturo Fuente

Wrapper: Cameroon

Binder: Dominican 

Filler: Dominican

Factory: Arturo Fuente

Production: Limited Order for PCA 2023

Vitola: 3.5 × 55

Total Smoke Time: 1 hour 

Review By ADE

This is a personal project of Ciro A. Cascella. He has been working on this project for 4 years, last year at the PCA he had them on display but not for sale until now. Shops had to place an order with AF during the PCA in order to be able to carry the Eye of the Bull.

The size of this cigar reminds me of the Viaje Super Shot. Hopefully, it is strong and mighty for its size. Before you cut and get ready to light look at the cap to see the “eye of the bull”. A small piece of Tobacco is placed in the center of the cap to look like an eye. I love the extra details Cascella puts in his cigars.

Cut & Light:
I cut my cigar with a Rocky Patel deep V-cutter and use an old but traditional way of lighting a match. Before a started to toast my cigar, I took a cold draw where I got a sweet Cocoa Powder and cedar notes.

First Third:
Strength: medium
I was not expecting the flavors I got in a small third it was only like an inch and some change. There is a nice natural sweetness from the Cameroon wrapper on the lips and tip of your tongue. The sweetness paired well with the hit of cocoa powder. I say cocoa powder and not chocolate because of the notes of natural cocoa flavor it’s not like a rich chocolate bar or even baking chocolate. Towards the end of the third, there was a light undertone of cedar.

Second Third:
Strength: True Medium
I had to ash to remove the band (small cigar). I think the ash would of held up all the way through the second third. The first third was bright white and the second third was dark gray. The natural sweetness was still there through the end of the second third. With a baking spice note but it was not like most baking spice notes it was more of a nutmeg spice. A nutty but toasted flavor it was really great with the sweetness of the tobacco.

Final Third:
Strength: True Medium
This Third was a little smaller third. I smoked it down until I could smell a little burning of my mustache. The cocoa powder note came back to the front in this third. With a slight nutmeg flavor. The sweetness was almost nonexistent.

Final Notes:
The cigar burned pretty evenly through the whole smoke. It burns a little hot due to the fact it is a small cigar and you start with feeling the heat on the top of your middle finger and you can feel the heat through the whole stick. In the end, this is a perfect addition to the Don Carlos line and the homage to the late Don Carlos Fuente pulls at the heartstrings that every day they make sure his legacy lives on.